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Tough Mudder is at it with more new things for 2015 including an entire new race series called Urban Mudder.

While details on the new series are slim it looks like the Spartan Race stadium series equivalent. They are saying it will be 5-6 miles and the first event is in mid July in New York City.

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OCRWC continues to work with more race organizers to make for a true world championship across all brands. There are still a few important organizations that haven’t come into the fold but here are the new ones from their release:

“The new qualifier races include Spain’s Farinato Race, Italy’s Inferno RunX-Runevents in Central America, Conquer the Gauntlet events in the US, and the Prison Break series in Canada. ”


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Virgin Active is taking the initiative this year by releasing all sorts of new ways to work out in their gyms and by partnering with Tough Mudder UK. While this isn’t ground breaking news it adds to the growing number of sponsors for obstacle course racing. Tough Mudder US currently isn’t partnered with a gym but has sponsors such as MetRX and Under Armour.

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Fresh off the rumor mill is that the makers of Shock Top are partnering with Tough Mudder. Neither party will confirm the story but with Spartan Race previously having Shock Top at their events this isn’t a huge surprise. It looks like Tough Mudder is trying to keep up with the pack.

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In a recent announcement by Tough Mudder they are now going to use tear gas on their participants. It is said to have less potency than the version that is banned in global warfare. That being said, my desire to have things I can’t train for and that just inflict pain upon me, I think I will pass on this one.


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The rumor mill has been spinning at full speed in the recent weeks about a potential change of venue. The seemingly unmovable Vermont World Championships looks to be headed to the central area or even the west coast. Some of the talked about future venues are places such Breckenridge Ski Resort (Colorado), Lake Tahoe (California), and even Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming).

While this would be a huge change for the faithful racers making the pilgrimage to the Spartan Race foundering route it could be a very welcome one. There are numerous people that would tell you swimming in a lake in Vermont in late September is the last thing they want to do again. But not settling on a standard tradition could also bother some racers. Either way the North East racers have been extraordinarily luck to have the race so close to them for so many years.

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